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Full Version: 3D Model - HP 50g 49G+ 39G+ 48Gii
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I was working on an environmental case for my 50g. I shelved the project because 3D printing costs are still high and my design had a lot of plastic.
Anyways, before I designed a case for the 50g, I had to model the 50g first. I have a 3D CAD file (DWG) of the 50g that I believe to be very accurate. I have checked many dimensions with a caliper and I have even included the buttons and feet in the model.
Anyone interested in using this model? Please contact me and I will send it out. I feel it should go to good use.
I built this in AutoCAD, so I can export a wide variety of CAD formats. Let me know.
Note: I don't have the ability to post an image. Can someone post an image of the model in a reply if I send it to them?


I'm not sure if I personally am interested in using the model, but I would be interested in the final product.

I have a friend (who uses a 50G, just like you and I) who is working on a 3D printer for a senior project. His Dad uses a 3D printer at work all the time, so I'm sure he would be interested in developing a final product. I'll ask him what he thinks of it and get back to you.


WOW to the ZERO people who took me up on this offer.

One reason could be that its the 50g only. If it were the HP 48, there would be a greater chance to receive positive feedback;-)

Slightly OT: In an earlier thread (or maybe in comp.sys.hp48) someone asked for the names of the MEs of the HP 48, and I named some of them.