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Full Version: good programming software for clonix41
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In http://picpgm.picprojects.net/download.html I have
found a programming software for programming the PIC18LF252 inside Clonix modules and the PIC18F2620 in NoV-64 modules.

Supports many programmers (http://picpgm.picprojects.net/hardware.html) and pic microcontrollers (http://picpgm.picprojects.net/devices.html)

The best of all is that is totally automatic, detects the programmer and the pic fitted in the programmer and works in fast and slow machines because before programming does autodelay.

For example, just after being installed with no configuration or execution, if we have a clonix41.hex generated image, running
winpicpgm clonix41.hex does all (erases, program and exits) also with picpgm -p clonix41.hex (from dos command line)


Thanks for the valuable tips!

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)