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Full Version: Card Reader HP 82104A Melting Roller
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Suddenly while reading cards, the tranfer just got stuck.
After pulling out the card I observed a kind of glew on the
The card reader was 20 Years old so I took the thing apart and
found out that the transport roller had been dematerialized.
Taking out the roller is really not too difficult but where
can I get replacement.
I just bought a never-used-second-hand reader but after putting through some cards I observed exactly the same problem.
Who can help me out of this desparate situation.

Please contact waterhosko@aol.com
He will be really useful in your case.


have a look here and here too; these links will lead you articles available hete, at the MoHP, too.

Hope you have success (I repaired two of mine after reading thess articles; good material)


Another solution, is to use fuel line tubing. Costs less than 10 cents per fix. Fuel line is available at model hobby shops almost everywhere.

This article shows how to repair the 67 but the same material works for the 41 reader.

HP-67 Card Reader Repair

The one that is best is a matter of preference. I like the fact that there is more surface contact with the tubing on the card and shaft, is nearly identical to the original and is the exact size required. I have fixed nearly 100 readers using this solution and it works great.