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Full Version: Only slightly OT: HOW TO Setup SVN+SSH on Windows®
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I've written a short walk-through to help to make update access work on the new, secure, access to SourceForge SVN repositories. Both WP 34s and 43s have been migrated to the new format.


This concerns mainly developers who want to commit to the new repository.

Great work Marcus. The older repository will be disappearing in due course I guess (more likely just going completely stale and being forgotten) and we'll fully migrate to the new. I assume there are some build infrastructure things outstanding and we'll have to resync the versioning information a bit -- commits have been to both branches but builds haven't.

For the 43S, I also slightly rearranged the top level layout so the doc and library are with the associated code but that is a future and can be moved if required.

- Pauli

I'll add support to the build machine shortly.

BTW, there were a few bugs in the document which I've just corrected. You have to save your
Private (was "Public") Key from PuTTYgen, of course!

Edited for recurring mistake.

Edited: 24 Dec 2012, 6:13 a.m. after one or more responses were posted

You have to save you Public Key from PuTTYgen, of course!

Should read: You have to save your Private Key from PuTTYgen, of course! as communicated.