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Full Version: HP 48GX with Black LCD - S/N ID
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Does anyone know if a black LCD 48GX can be identified based on serial number alone? And what serial number (or date of manufacture) should I be looking for?

I have only found THIS relevant post.


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IMO, the answer is yes. On units I've repaired, I've maintained a log of serial numbers, display types and other relevant internal differences. The first black version LCD GX seen was ID039, a unit I obtained from Cyrille @ HP. I suspect this was an internal prototype as the earliest number I've seen in the "wild" is ID045. Every unit I've seen from ID045 on has been the black version.

FWIW, I've repaired/replaced hundreds of 48 LCD's so you will see the occasional oddball G,G+,GX,S or SX out there with a black LCD.

Hi Randy, a HP48GX, black LCD has ID 2xxxxxxx, it means it's a repaired unit?
what does actually mean ID039?

Aurelio, have a look here

ID039 stands for Indonesia, 2000, week 39


Aurelio, have a look here

ID039 stands for Indonesia, 2000, week 39


Grazie Massimo, I remember infact a chapter in the forum about the meaning of the serials, but I was not able to find it in a few time (the collector's corner)
I believed to be quite skilled about the decoding procedure of the serials for earlier calculators such the classics, woodstocks, spices and coconuts, maybe I never took care enough about the most recent models, my fault, apologize.

"Since 1996, some serial numbers have been in the form CCYWW##### where".....was completely, forgotten, maybe even unread by me.

By the way it means that ID2xxxxxx.... is sure a calculator made after 2000 year and then probably with the black LCD screen built in
Thank-you again.

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