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Full Version: HP 10C help please!!!!
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I loaned my 10C to someone and they inadvertantly changed the display to read the European decimal system:


I would like to get back to the English system:


What are the keystrokes to change it back? Please help!!!

Please maintain '.', and then press 'ON'

With the calculator off, press the period key and hold it down while pressing the ON key. Then release the ON key. You will see (I hope) that the comma has been replaced by a period. You can repeat the procedure if you ever want the comma back, etc.

Dear Alex,
You're welcome.
Kind words... It was our pleasure.
Regards from Normandy.

you loaned out your 10c?????????????

reminds me of the time in quito when two local friends asked to borrow my camera. i said in my baby spanish "mi mujer, talves. mi camera, necesitaramos hablar. mi calculadora, NUNCA." what i meant to say was "my woman, maybe. my camera, we have to talk. my calculator, NEVER. it must have made sense. "mi mujer" was pissed.