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Full Version: HP Expands Calculator Business Worldwide with New Master Distributors
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From the HP web page:


(It even mentions the 12C as "THE" RPN model)...

Note that the only mention of developing anything seems to be:

"detailed, aggressive marketing programs"!

No mention of any new calculators.

I'm not giving up just yet.

Marketing programs are the only thing you'd develop with distributors. (I don't think I'd want to let distributors speak on behalf of users, for instance . . . )

And the mention of the 12C is only as an example of an RPN calculator -- not the one. Given their current product line, it's certainly the most widely recognizable model in current release. (Virtually everyone who owns a -48 or -49G knows what a -12C is, while the reverse cannot be stated with such confidence.)

So, I'm clinging to hope that the rumors of forthcoming models contain a few shreds of truth, that there's a hopped-up native-RPN -42S replacement among the newcomers, and that its off-shore manufacture won't leave it utterly unuseable . . .

(Come to think of it, maybe it is time to give up!)

Hey Paul, where did you hear that rumour about an HP42S replacement?
Please let me know. You just put a permanent smile on my face.