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Full Version: 34s for the iPhone?
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Is anyone working on this? iPhone or Windows Phone? It would seem to be a great platform and eliminates the need for flashing, keyboard overlays etc.

Maybe one day if I have enough time. But if you do not want flashing, overlays, etc, the emulators on Windows/OSX/Linux are IMHO much more convenient than a iPhone version would ever be.

I do use them and they are fantastic, they don't fit in my pocket as well though :) I have found I really enjoy having the other HP calculators on my iPhone. I only wish that the 71B and the 34S were among them.

Hi Jerry,

Please remember WP 34S is a hobbyist's project. We are happy and content it runs on the real hardware as well as on computers featuring the operating systems Pascal mentioned. The code is all open and published, however. Feel free to adapt it for your special needs - we are sorry we don't have the time right now.


I totally appreciate that. I just like to throw the wish out there from time to time :) If I had the talent I would do it. The amount of time and effort you put into these things is not lost on me, know that :) All I can do is say thanks for the hard work.

All I can do is say thanks for the hard work.

From what we hear, the 30b is the last of that 20b/30b series, as the hardware is becoming difficult for HP to obtain. In that case, the WP 34S platform might run into a dead end. If somebody manages to get it onto smartphones, then that great effort survives on handhelds, despite the fact that the tactile feedback of physical keys (which I would otherwise prefer) would be gone. This project is too special to "die" when the 30b dies, in my humble opinion, even if a 43S eventually makes it to Eric Smith's DIY-5 platform.


WP34s fits the particular hardware with all its shortcomings. I expect the core, the spirit of it to be passed on to the next generation. So I see no problem here.