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Full Version: DM 15CC silver edition arrived!
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i found the new DM 15CC silver edition in the letter box half an hour ago! first impression: compared to my DM 15CC V.1/second batch, the keybord is much more reliable. due to the slimmer font the display is easier to read. the titanium body of the calculator is very well made (i found the painted aluminum body a bit cheap).

i also received the flip-open pouch, which is really cool and of good quality!

best regards,

How about some pictures of the font?

That's great news! I ordered exactly the same and hope it gets here soon :)

I see it advertized as being Made in Switzerland. Does that mean the final assembly is in Switzerland? I like the 5 year warranty that he offers.

Wonder if Michael cares to elaborate what made in Switzerland means if he reads this?

Slim font (Firmware = DM15CC_S_V10)

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Very nice. Thankyou!

Wow! Swiss Post is so efficient, you are in Japan and already got your calculator?

hpnut in Malaysia....still waiting for my DM 16CC titanium to arrive.

'Made in Switzerland' is only regulated in detail for watches. For other products the conditions that must be met are only formulated very generally, see Wikipedia for some background information.

Basically, two conditions must be met:

* The Swiss portion of the production cost must be at least 50%.

* The most important part of the manufacturing process must have taken place in Switzerland.

So there is much room for interpretation.

Hi hpnut,

It's just a firmware update of a DM-15CC of second batch.

Anyway, When I bought it, I was surprised that the international priority mail is

so efficient to deliver the mail from Swiss to Japan, in five days.

It is a clear font, but greatly lacking in aesthetics, IMNSHO. Which is a pity as the rest of package is pretty bijou.


Font design is kind of an art as well.