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Full Version: HP 86 - Bootdisk?
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I recently got hold of a HP 86 - System...
I'm new to this kind of stuff, so be patient with me :)
When I switch on my HP 86, the Floppy-Drive makes a sound, but since I don't have a System/Bootdisk, it stops after a few seconds and then everything is dead :( I guess i would have to get a Bootdisk to have anything displayed on the screen? If so, where can I get a Bootdisk?

Thanks in advance!
Daniel Wagner

PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm a German...

I don't think you need a "bootdisk". BASIC is in ROM and should be ready when you turn it on.

Ummm so why does it try to read from the disk without me doing anything? Btw: When it is 'dead' it isn't really dead... when i press 'Run' or 'line end' it beeps... maybe this helps you guys?

Daniel Wagner

I think it has the ability to look for an "autorun" program on the disk drive and run if it it finds it. I think the 85 will look on the tape drive for the same purpose.

If I recall correctly, the 86 needs an external monitor (monocrome, NTSC timing). Have you checked the monitor?