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Full Version: All PPC program listings
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An impressibe piece of work just showed up on TOS, not only Ángel's SandMath, but also many PPC program listings with barcode for the HP41 seem to have been scanned and cleaned up by Jackie F. Woldering with a xref listing in excel. This was presented at HHC2012 (I was not there) according to the paper that goes with it.

The same author also published the VASM listings in TXT and PDF format.

This work is well appreciated!

Hi, Meindert;

thanks for sharing!


Luiz (Brazil)

Jackie's talk was very interesting. I believe he's looking for help with the project.


The same author also published the VASM listings in TXT and PDF format.

This work is well appreciated!

I agree, this is a superb work! And I know it from experience, as I was just doing the same thing: creating a text version of the VASM listings. I’ve so far completed ~80% of the 41 mainframe VASM listings and when I saw the published work from Jackie F. Woldering I first felt a bit discouraged thinking that all the time I spent on it was at the end useless and wasted ...

To validate my work I have developed a Perl script to convert the VASM text file to sources files compatible with SDK41 that can be assembled and linked to generate ROMs, so I can verify by comparing a disassembly listing of my ROMs with the original ones that the code in my VASM text file is identical to the original one. Thanks to Jackie files I can also check now the comments by comparing with his version.

A diff between his text file and mine reported hundreds of differences. I quickly realized that we had different approaches to the original listings: where I decided to stick to an exact transcription, Jackie decided to improve the listing comments by fixing typos, grammar errors or replacing abbreviations by the full words. For example he replaced "NXT" by "NEXT", "FRO" by "FOR","DEC EXP" by "DECREMENT EXPONENT" and so on…

Doing a quick check of theses diff errors I already spotted some errors in both files compared to the original listings but I must say that I found more errors in my file that in his file. The quality level of his work is really incredible.

So I will continue my work using Jackie file as a checking tool to find errors in my transcription, and I will report to him the issues I think are in his file. At the end there should be two high quality text and PDF versions of the VASM listings : one with the original comments and one with Jackie’s improved comments, plus source files compatible with SDK41 for anyone wanting to create his own personalized version of the HP-41 Mainframe ROMs.