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Full Version: HP49G Plot Windows
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I received the 49G and I'm having a problem getting the 'Plot Window' to open up using the "left-arrow" "WIN" command or the "left-arrow" "2D/3D" command.

It doesn't do anything. The manual included doesn't explain what to do.

Thanks for the help, Michael Robbins

The calculator needs to be in Algebraic Mode for Plotting according to HP.

Also, when doing 'units' conversions, the calculator must have 'Flag 117' set to 'Soft Keys'. (Go to Modes:Flag:check flag 117:Set to 'Soft Keys'.)

Thank God for technical support. Mike

If the HP-49G is in RPN mode, you can still access the Y=, WIN, GRAPH and 2D/3D commands. To do this, pres and HOLD the left arrow key while you press the desired Plot function key. Hope this helps.