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Full Version: New high def picture of new TI-84 Plus Color SE
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I found a very nice HD picture of the next color calc TI-84 Plus Color SE :
picture here

Nice, in fact!

Is it only me?

I easily found the [ENTER] key.

Where is the [=] one?

The green shift is ALPHA. Why is "SOLVE" an ALPHA character?

... and why are F1 - F5 alpha functions? Nothing's better than a consistent UI ;-)

Good grieve - Jörg! Did TI convert and become an RPN company now? Heaven beware!

Good grieve - Jörg! Did TI convert and become an RPN company now? Heaven beware!

TI always had ENTER as the equals key on their graphing calcualtors - all the way back to the TI-81.

I like the screen! Will the color 84+ kill the nSpire CX? Maybe the nSpire isn't selling so well?

Edited: 25 Nov 2012, 5:42 p.m.

I imagine because that's the only place they had to put it. Not very intuitive, I agree.

Walter, I agree, those F1...F5 functions were always a mystery. I went back and looked at the manual and I couldn't find a reference to them. But I remember that I did use them at one time, I just couldn't remember how.

They are used for soft labels in certain apps, like the inequality grapher. As you compose an inequality and you want something other than an equal sign, like <= and so on, you have to press the green alpha key and the corresponding F number to get the symbol you want. If you forget to press the green alpha key, you just get the unshifted function like Y= or Window or Zoom; not at all what you wanted. This was very very confusing, and still is.

I see there's a relatively big ENTER key at the bottom right hand corner.

Wonder if someone can hack this machine to make it into an RPN calculator :-)


LOL! Yes, the Smothsonian confirms that bats are colour blind :-)


... and the picture confirms also that bats are violent ... (not very intelligent)

Where's the onomatopoeia? e.g. "SLAP!", "SMACK!"

The original picture lacks the onomatopeia as well, which is a good thing as it would look slightly more violent otherwise. Things have changed: in the TV show Batman used to beat only the bad guys, not his own partner :-)

Now the world's ok again - thought Batman became a leftie ;-)

Just for 'gently slapping' his beloved sidekick. Using the right hand would leave browses, leading to disclose Robin's secret identity. Ahn... what were we actually talking about? 8^D

Edited: 26 Nov 2012, 4:18 p.m.