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Full Version: Debug4X and "divide by zero" when attempting build
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I am trying to learn to use Debug4x, and using the simple example UserRPL project as a learning vehicle. I always get a "divide by zero" error message when I attempt to build the project, or send the UserRPL source to the emulated calculator.

I'm getting back into writing some software for my hp50g after ignoring it for several years. I need to write some software to assist with machining calculations, and I would like to use Debug4X, instead of writing the code directly on the calculator. My thumbs can't handle that much typing anymore.

I am sure it's just a user problem, but I've been messing with it for a couple of hours, and have had no luck.

Is there anything obvious I can try?

Is the project something you can share (so that we can help figure out what is causing the divide by zero error)?

It's the example project UserRPL that is included with the installation of Debug4X.

It's in the Debug4X directory .../Debug4x/Examples/UserRPL/

I made no changes to it; I simply opened up the UserRPL.HPP file with Debug4x, and then selected the menu item, Build Project (F9). I instantly get the "divide by zero" error.

Selecting "Send UserRPL to calculator" gives me exactly the same results.

I seem to be getting the same errors as you. One temporary workaround is to copy the code (not including the header) and use the Paste Stack menu option in the emulator, and using STR-> to obtain the desired result.