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Full Version: HP-41 CMT EPROM & ZEPROM Programming
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I have some CMT EPROMS that I would like to program, but have no fixture or programmer.

I do have a ZEPROM programmer, and programmed a couple of modules several years ago. Either as a trade or independently, I should be able to program ZEPROM modules again.

Does anyone (or know of anyone) who has a CMT EPROM programming fixture?

Related question: The modules that I have are 16K CMT-10 modules, and are currently programmed to fill the address space of two adjacent ports. From the little documentation that I have, it appears that these cannot be used in a bank-switched mode (probably missing the hardware?). Does anyone know if it is possible to turn off one half of the module so that it only uses the address space of the port that it is plugged into, 8K?

Sorry I don´t know of anybody with a CMT programmer ¡ sure I´d also like to program the one I have... would be great if one source is identified- or if Diego would build a next-gen one !


...or if Diego would build a next-gen one
The next-gen one is called "Clonix" , and the "overnext" generation is called "NoVRAM"...

Hi all,

Sort of "nostalgia-involved" in these latest posts... ;-)

Though one can have cheaper and easier solutions, there still is some kind of "challenge" in getting a piece of true-vintage-tech back to functional life...

The fixture for the CMT-10 module programming is not a "difficult" project but it's not "easy" either due to the tight mechanical tolerances.

I'd also be happy to have one built for my several (now useless) CMT-10 modules, but currently I'm really short of time... and still have some pending and delayed projects for the USB-41.

Will also have to finish and publish the full four bankswitched Clonix configuration utility (within the next couple of weeks).

Cheers from the Caribbean Sea.