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Full Version: OT. Linux on a Ti Nspire.
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Last weekend, I ordered a Raspberry PI Linux microputer :-) While reading up on it today, I stumbled upon this (barely?) calculator-related article that may be of interest to some here: Link. Be sure to see the additional video in the Comment section.

On another OT subject.. my car was broken into last night, and among other things, my "good" HP 33S was stolen (Good 33S, meaning it was the one with the better decimal/comma/radix display). I'm hoping the no-good-so-and-so can't figure out how to add up how much stuff he got, cause he can't find the Equal button - Ha! That'll show him! :-)


p.s. Thanks Jackie for demonstrating your Raspberry PI at HHC 2012. I hope it's OK to say this, but earlier this week Jackie told me he had one kit left for sale.

Edited: 17 Nov 2012, 6:08 p.m.