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Full Version: hp 15c calculator production.
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I was curious if hp sold enough of the Limited Edition models to warrant a continuous production of a non-Limited Edition model with possibly the discovered bugs worked out of it? I was kind of hoping to see it again in a regular production run like the 12c.

I use mine every day, the only disappointment being the pause bug in programming but I live with it. Everyone I let borrow my 15 asks where I got it, a lot of people not aware the calculator was being produced again! They missed out. Some fellow Engineers will not buy the old ones from that "auction site", but said they would have bought new ones had they known. I pointed them in the direction of places that still advertise stock, some were apparently successful as LE's began showing up on desks.

I would buy regular run models, or enhanced ones if hp decided to do a little reconfiguration, but keep that form factor. Anything new on the horizon??

Hi there. I would like to know what you've developed as a workaround for the 'PAUSE' bug.


Try R/S.

Thanks. Do you mean, use R/S in program code instead of PAUSE?

God call Ethan. I've never liked the pause function, and see them stacked to give people time to write down an intermediate answer or to check reasonability in a long program but it's always too much time or not enough. I'd rather use R/S. Still, if it's got to be there it should work.


I a completely agree with martinez’s point of view, the only circumstances I use the PSE ou PAUSE instruction is in long running time programs such as low convergence algorithms.
The transitory displayed value may indicate that the process is still in progress. This can pace he user and help making him a bit more patient (but it is adding extra running times).

I never use this instruction to print out any result, even an intermediate one.
For sure the best solution in long computing time is recording the intermediate results on the printer. Then the user will be able to check it reasonability at any time and he doesn't have to write it down any more...

Oupps ! I forgot, the HP-15c/15cLE have no printing capacity. Sorry.

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[...] the only circumstances I use the PSE ou PAUSE instruction is in long running time programs such as low convergence algorithms.
Long running time programs may not be a good idea on the 15C LE, so there's hardly any use for PSE on it ;-).

I've seen some comment on this "new" HP 15C, some people speaking highly of it, othwers not so.

That being said, exactly what is the difference between the 15C, either the original or this LE run and the 11C, one of which I've had for 20 + years.


Thanks for the data provided.

For general purpose use, and here I might well be missing some important points, there does not appear to be any significant differences between the two calculators.

I AGREEEEE!!!! This is a great calculator and I pack one everyday in my shirt pocket. I would hope production continues or better yet the manuafacturer takes advantage of the technological advances of the last 30 years and juices up the memory and perhaps updates the programability(i.e. equation writing in programs, a jillion indirect storage registers as the 35s and expanded matrix capacity). The 15c is almost "perfect" and very relevant even 30 years later.