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Full Version: Archive an HP 50G and Restore on an HP 48GX
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So, I've become nostalgic as of late and have reverted to using one of my trusy ol' HP 48's. I'd forgotten how sublime the buttons are on the 48's.

I have a majority of my progs written on an HP 50G, and would like to move all the progs - in one swoop if possible - to my 48GX.

Is an ARCHIVE/RESTORE-like transfer possible between the two?

Yes, provided that the archive is merely a directory object and not a "Backup" object. Just transfer the object via ASCII file transfer. This assumes, of course, that all objects in the archive are UsrRPL and ASCII translatable. Binary transfers will no work. The reason is that the addresses have changed. For example, the UsrRPL command DUP is located at address #3DBEAh whereas on the HP48GX the address is #0FB87h. ASCII transfers will then get "compiled" by the receiving system into the proper addresses.


... make sure no new resource, available only in the new calculator(s), was added to the code.

I'm still having issues...

When I try to copy a directory to the SD card on the 50G, it writes a binary file, with what seems to be a header marked HP49. So, when I try to transfer this to the 48G via Conn4x it balks with an error stating that the file is a 49G file.

How do I then backup a directory on the HP50G to the SD card, in ASCII format, so that I can then do an ASCII transfer to the 48G via Conn4x?

Instead of using the SD card, you can use Conn4x to back-up all the directory objects/programs you want to copy to your HP48GX on your computer in ASCII form (just select this option near screen print icon). Then move them to your HP48GX by also using Conn4x with ASCII mode again selected.

I've used this method successfully for a quite a while to share programs between my HP50G & various HP48GX's. However, as some of the others have already indicated, you need to be careful with any SystemRPL routines/rograms developed specifically for the HP50G as these are likely to cause a crash on the HP48GX during transfer.

Good luck.



Edited: 16 Nov 2012, 9:25 p.m.

See this post for more info. The program callled 'OUT' will do what you want. As others have said, you can also use Conn4x to do the same.