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Full Version: Book on repairing HP calculators?
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I vaguely recall a few years back hearing about an imminent book about restoring / repairing HP calculators. Did that book ever come out? Sounds like something worth having.


It's is REALLY on it's way!,

Even though I missed the HCC 2012 two chapters are required to be finished. In fact all the explanation photos have been taken and need to be aIigned with the text.

Then peer reviewed and then published.

Currently securing the ISBN number with payment. Just going to figure out electronic versus hard copy and the price. Up to 300 pages and as many photos.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way more than one would think! Bare (sic) (bear)with me.



P.S. my wife sent me an email while I was in Tokyo, "you really must get the book done!"

Enough said.

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Unfortunately, life gets in the way more than one would think!

Life is what actually happens while you're busy making other plans.

Bare with me.

No offense, but I think I'll just bear with you.

There is a bare in the back yard, a dear and a rackoon!

Thanks for the spell check.


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Sounds great! What machines are you providing repair info on?

All families starting with the classics and ending with the stretch pioneers. So the HP 35 to the HP 48GX.

I am using the following machines as exemplars for disassembly, repair and reassembly. Some also include techniques for modification such as the 42s memory enhancement, 45 quartz installment, HP 34c radix change. Others to fix the standard failure points like the pioneers keyboard failures (stretch and normal pioneers).

HP 65
HP 45
- quartz crystal installation
HP 55
HP 97 disassembly including card reader and the printer with Katie Wassermans
gear replacement with photos for the printer.
HP 25c
HP 29c, 19c yes the printer too with photos for the printer disassembly
HP 34c soldered ICs
HP 33 floating ICs
HP 01
HP 41c
- card reader
- 41CL conversion.
HP 71B
- both internal versions
- 32K increase

- 65, 67, 97 diagnostics program listings, diagnostic techniques for others...
- heat staked key repairs
- battery pack repairs for all families
- tools and sources for parts (o-rings, styrene rods, vinyl tubing...)
- glossary
- reference
And more...

Each calc has been disassembled and photo documented and then reassembled.

Lots of work and lots of techniques created by the members here, and they keep coming up with new ones!!!!

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Really looking forward for this book. Great work Geoff.

checkbook in left hand, pen in right hand, tongue ready to lick stamp....

Like db says! I just hope there's information there so I can repair the printers on my 97 and 19C!



That's great news! This sounds like quite an undertaking. The book sounds even better than I had hoped!


Yes the 19c including complete printer disassembly and repair. Also the 97 with printer and card reader disassembly and repair.

Wrote the post having been up 30 hours, 15:25 in the air, then a beer and gyoza then the hotel in Tokyo. So I forgot to include these two in the list. Fatigue and the IPad spell check lends itself to creative posting errors.


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Wow, that is a great list! Any idea on the pricing yet?

P.S. my wife sent me an email while I was in Tokyo, "you really must get the book done!"

Women make the world go round! :-)

I'm looking forward to get your book, I'm sure it will be a GREAT source for all HP calculator aficionados!

Geoff, I hate to repeat, but I still look forward to your book - for some years ;-) And let me join Han asking for the pricing. TIA :-)

Hi Geoff. I missed seeing you at HHC 2012.

If you decided to go with hard copy, consider using the folks that Wlodek uses for his book. The quality is just fabulous. I believe it's Wilson/Barnett Publishing in Tunstin CA.

Looking forward to the book.



Or one of the print on demand places like Lulu.

- Pauli

Or one of the print on demand places like Lulu.

- Pauli

Btw, any chance to see the WP 34S manual available from such places?

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Certainly a good idea. However, this would lie in Walter's hands. I've only got access to the PDF manual just like everyone else.

A combination of the reference manual and the basic introduction would be perfect.

- Pauli

There is still a little update waiting to be published.


This book will be a godsend!!! Thank you for putting it together.

I had forgotten that I also have my 41C card reader half taken apart, with all the pieces in a little plastic bag. So there are at least THREE machines here crying out for my hands to execute your sage handiwork. I did the o-ring repair on the card reader in my 67, and it runs the diagnostic card perfectly. If your instructions are as good as the ones I followed for that (I forget, you may have written those), all should go just fine.

That's what I'm thankful for this year.

Pen? Check. Checkbook? Check. Stamps? Check. Tongue? Well, these are peel-n-stick stamps... Ew.


... which is uploaded now - but we've found something else again. Seems a never ending story :-/

... this is why good old HP printed manuals have revision numbers ... :)

I'm afraid that if you wait for the ultimate document update this may never come, but I think that the WP-34S manual has reached a completeness level that deserves a print on demand version.

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... this is why good old HP printed manuals have revision numbers ... :)

This is why our good old WP manual has a release date on its last page d:-)

Considering it is done by people for whom this is not a full-time dedicated job, it is a fantastic achievement.