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Full Version: WP34s-matrix examples
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I have been working with th wp34s. The beginners manual is a wonderful guide. The calculator is fantastic and I hope it is a glimpse of things to come. Can anyone direct me to matrix entry examples?

Did you read p. 28 of the manual?

Thanks Walter. i had read it multple times until it finnaly occured to me that there is no "new" function like on the 42s or a dimension function like the 15c. It was a "Eureka" moment in a remedial user's life. LOL! With no objection from you, I may take the liberty of creating a small example and posting it here. Thanks for the help.

Jason, try the library program 'MED' (Matrix EDit)! The guide is in the sources (see the library folder). In short, start with a valid matrix descriptor in X and run the program. You can now use the arrows (with or without f-shift) to navigate the matrix values. Typing in a number temporarily disables the program and allows to change the contents of a matrix cell. Use R/S to store the value and continue in the editor.

Thanks Marcus! It's slowly sinking in to my thick skull. Very helpful!


I was able to find 'MED' with keystrokes [h][cat]. I created a few programs and cleared them. It now seems like the catalogue listing may have been altered. I no longer can find 'MED'. In fact my catalogue only lists 'PF' 'TRI' and then a handful of what appear to be vector routines. Any thoughts??? I am not clear about your reference to "libray folder" and don't actually see 'MED' in the manual. Any thoughts and guidance are greatly appreciated!

FYI, it's called matrixedit.wp34s in the library directory. And library routines are covered on pp.140f though only an overview is given there, since they were contributed by different authors from time to time and are not warranted to work as expected.

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Thanks Walter. It appears as though I have inadvertantly removed 'MED' along with other library items. I'm not sure how I would have removed them other than trying to incorporate them as a program step then deleting said program step. If so, "mea culpa"! Any way thanks again for the reponse and support. WP34s is a great project!

Edited: 19 Nov 2012, 9:29 a.m.

You can safely play with the library on the emulator. In case of error, just replace the file wp34s-lib.dat in the working directory of the emulator. To get the library back to the calculator it's easiest to reflash the "..._full.bin" file. You can of course use the serial link between the emulator and the calculator to send the missing routines back to the device and then PSTO them to the library.