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Full Version: Need help - HP 48SX bank switching 1MB card
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I have both HP 48GX and 48SX models. I'm looking to use a large memory card on the SX. I've read about bank switching larger cards down to 128k banks.
The card I'm trying to bank is the SMI 1MB card. I've tried deciphering the instruction on the "Super Switch" program on hpcalc-org, but I'm still in the dark.
Also, is the SMI card even bank switchable? Or does it only work with the GX?

I can post the downloaded instruction of the Super Switch program (in Spanish) if it would help.


The SMI 1MB card is very likely to be GX-only. The only bank-switched cards for the SX I heard of were the older Multi-Memory cards from TDS using a switch library, and some cards from Klotz using discrete hardware switches.