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Full Version: Help with printer 82143A
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I just got a 82143A printer with no AC Adaptor/Charger.
Does anyone knows if I can buy a regular adaptor?
What would be the specs fot it?

Thanks for any help,


I thought almost all of the HP 41C/CV/CX devices used the same power supply adapter, the 82059A/B. These can be found on eBay on a regular basis.

The 82059A/B will also work with the HP-91/92/97 series, along with most HP-41 peripherals. You will also need a good battery pack to operate the printer.

Hello, Silvio (are you in Brazil too? Perhaps a brazilian one?)

The specification that comes with the three AC adapters I have are:

82059B (comes with some printers) - 90-127VAC input (7Watts) - Output: 3W, 8VAC

82040B (Made in Brazil) - 90-127V AC input - Output: 3VA, 8VAC

82056B (sold in Europe) - 220V AC input - Output: 3VA, 8VAC

If you need some measurements (output current with load, voltage drop, etc.) let me know.

Best regards.

Better to use the 82059 C or D. The "D" is the most common plug you will find. Some of the A and B units will not plug into the 82143A because there is no gap between the plug contacts. A little razor knife work cures that problem.

Thank you all.
I'll try to get a 82059 on e-Bay.