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Full Version: Update of Emu42 to v1.16
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Emu42 v1.16 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com/.

Changes to v1.15:

  • updated HP28S KML script with expanded Scancode implementations for German(German), English(UK) and English(US)
  • improved execution speed of KML "Scancode" command in some situations
  • added "Locale" KML command
  • expanded "Single Instance" option to 2nd generation, now the name of the state file of the caller instance is send to the running instance

Emu42 v1.16 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com/.

Thanks Christoph, it's always interesting to see any updates of your emulators! :-)

A little request: would it be possible to update the 'Last changes:' date also on your main page whenever you update any of your programs?

So we could see immediately on this main site if anything is new instead of having to open all your special pages separately.



Thank-you Christoph, for sharing your emulators. GRAZIE!