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Full Version: HP 71b ZENWAND Barcode Reader - Manual
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I just acquired a ZENWAND barcode reader, but I didn't get the manual. Could anybody be so kind and help me, please?

I know that it's quite easy to read standard barcodes with the BARCODE$ - function, but I would like to try more advanced techniques, namely scanning non-standard barcodes like HP 41 program code. I've read that this should be possible (by means of ANYCODE$ ?), but certainly it would be very difficult to find out the details without the manual.

IIRC the manual states that you can write your own decoder for barcode, but I think the producer never published the info how to do it.
I have a paper copy of the manual, but it is spiral-bound and thus not copyable. But I could lend it to you.

Manual is on its way.

For those interested, the appendix of the manual states that ZENWAND is extendable via LEX-file, the module scans for something. Moreover, there is a function that returns a binary number corresponding to the time spent for each black and white stripe "00101100111", where the three '1's represent a thick black line.

I think the function was WAND$ or WAND.

Edited: 2 Nov 2012, 3:35 a.m.