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Full Version: HP 28S Keyboard incident
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My faithful 1986 HP28S just had a 'hard landing' on the floor. No external disorders but one keyboard row 'dead' i.e.;left [Y:(] and right [EVAL : -].

Everything else OK.

Any advice for appropriate measures?


Not sure how to fix your calculator, but I have a HP-28S that I do not use anymore. It has passed the system test and keyboard test. The only problem with it is that the battery cover has been damaged and is loose.

I had bought a HP 48G to replace this calculator. I could not find a battery cover replacement. If your battery cover is still in good shape, then this maybe the replacement for you. I also have the owner's manual in fair/good condition.

If you are interested, pls let me know. Will need you to fund the shipping/insurance costs from Florida to your location.