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Full Version: 41CL and Card reader
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I have configured my 41CL with a V.3 board. 41CL is initialised and a CAT2 shows card reader as a peripheral. CLUT rom is plugged in 1U. After launching the Hepax a CAT2 shows Hepax, CLUTIL-2H etc but not the card reader. How do I overcome this situation? Thanks.

It sounds as though you plugged something into page E, where the card reader resides. Perhaps some HEPAX RAM? This is not a good idea, as it will create a fight on the bus between the CL board and the card reader.

Hi Monte,
Is there any way of configuring the 41CL to have both HEPAX and card reader access? Thanks.

There are dozens of ways to do that. Just use ports/pages different from "E", which is reserved for the Card Reader.

Bear in mind the HEPAX RAM has a variable number of pages. You can configure that using the HEPX4 (1x page), HEPX8 (2x pages), or HEPX16 (4-pages) functions of the POWERCL. Those pages are allocated sequentially, starting at the page# entered at the prompt - so take care that it doesn't reach "E".

Note that the current mapping and content of those pages will be overwritten with HEPAX RAM *blank* templates (!)

Once they're installed you can use HEPINI to actually configure the HEPAX File System, and assign XROM id# to the HEPAX RAM pages.

Edited: 18 Oct 2012, 7:41 a.m.