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Full Version: Sparcom Nav Pacs for HP-48/HP-50G calculators
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I've seen references at Internet discussions to the above mentioned, and have tried, without success, to contact Sparcom. They are or were located in Corvalis, Oregon. Be that as it may, perhaps they are no longer in business.

In any event, I'd be interested, depending on the price, in obtaining this program, it came on ROM card, and could be loaded on some of the HP 48 series calculators, as well as the HP-50G calculator, currently produced.

Does anyone here know the whereabouts of the relevant ROM cards and or how/where one might contact Sparcom these days? Also, might some other firm be producing them?

Any information would be appreciated.

The ROM cads occasionally appear on a certain, well-known auction site which I will not name. However, you will likely have to do some hacking in order to get the software to run on the HP50G. A tool like Jazz will be needed (and perhaps even a library extractor) to decompile the program, which then would have to be compiled on the HP50G since addresses have moved -- even for supported entries and User RPL. The process gets more difficult if unsupported entries were used, or if special machine code was written specifically for the HP48 hardware.

I have done this before with other ROM cards. If you do get a hold of your desired ROM card, I would be glad to help.

Is this what you are looking for?

Sparcom Celestial Navigation Pac

Nice! Looks like someone has already done the hard work! It's also nice to see how the family of the author donated the package to the public domain. It also appears that he has written celestial nav pacs, too.