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Full Version: HP32s Are Sold!
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I have been absolutely swamped with email asking to buy the HP32s that I offered in the classified ads. At first I tried to respond to each, but after 40 it was hopeless to keep track. I realized I had to sell to the first in time offer to buy all 3, which I have done.

I apologize to any of you who may feel you were left hanging, but I've never dealt with anything quite like this before. I was taken completely by suprise, indeed, I wondered if anyone would even want the HP32s at all.

If the general demand for HP scientific calculators matches that with the mail I got, HP screwed up horribly by cancelling HP32 production.

Thank you for the update, J.C. I was one of those, lost in the crowds, lucky I wasn't trampled in the stampede!