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Full Version: HP financial calculator prototypes
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Hi all, i've just added a photo of some prototype HP financial calculators to my COLLECTION
Photo of 38C, 17B, 19Bii and 30B clear cased prototypes HERE
Enjoy! Keith

Always a joy...

The "labelless" HP17B is the most interesting of them all, for me.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

Luiz (Brazil)

Thanks Luiz,
I have also added HP19C and rare Seiko MC-2200 recently. Also a prototype HP33E - which has a "0000" serial number. Keith

As for the Seiko, they had an interesting programmable watch, which surely qualifies as a pocket computer as well:
Seiko UC-2200

It even uses wireless (inductive) data transfer!

Go on then, convert the 30B to a WP34S :)