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Full Version: Library 4 update on 10/2/2012 ?
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What changed in the rom and the documentation?

Edited: 4 Oct 2012, 10:08 p.m.

Hi Gene, no changes but additions - as it now also supports the SandMath_44 and the PowerCL_4B (four banks).

Besides adding some new math routines the library now also has the Sub-function catalog and execution code, used by both the SandMath and the PowerCL to access the functions in the "hidden" FAT's. There's a writeup in the articles section, and I should prepare an attachment to the manuals in a few days.


For the other modules you can continue to use the previous version. It is of course 100% backwards compatible so as a rule, "the latest the best" will work.


Edited: 5 Oct 2012, 3:19 a.m.

Hi Angel, once again thanks for all your efforts in providing the community with these great updates :-)
I have downloaded Library4 from TOS, but cannot seem to convert the MOD file to ROM. Is it possible to include the ROM file as well?
Best regards

Hi John, so we're back at this issue - obviously the MOD2ROM progam isn't prepared to deal with "strange" ones like the Library#4 (with XROM id#=35, for starters...).

I'll send the ROM file for posting, and if I still have your email adr will CC: you as well.


Edited: 9 Oct 2012, 8:17 a.m. after one or more responses were posted

Thanks Angel, much appreciated. Really keen to install Library4 and the revised SandMath module.
Best Regards

I studied the source code of MODFileWin.
The reason why it can't handle the LIBRARY4.mod file is quite simple:
When creating the .rom file, the extract_roms routine builds the file name from the given file name in the description in the MOD header ("ROM NAME"). Angel put the string "n/a" there, and that of course isn't a valid file name. The routine doesn't check for correct file names, instead it doesn't write any file.
So you can simply edit LIBRARY4.mod using a hex editor and change the name at offset 02D9. For example, change "n/a" to "LIB4", run MODFileWin.exe on the modified file, and you will receive your LIB4.rom output file.
Of course I also can send the .rom file to anyone who provides his email address.

Thank you Michael. I have had this problem with other MOD files, and now have the solution thanks to you.
Best Regards

Hi guys, I sent you the ROM file in separate emails anyway.

Well thanks Michael - I thought the issue had to do with the "#" character but it appears it's as simple as giving it a proper internal name. BTW I always use the MLDL2k_Manager to edit the MOD and ROM files, you can change the data very easily with it (no, it doesn't need the MLDL hardware at all).


Thanks Angel, I have received the files. Much appreciated.
Cheers, John

Thank you for the hint about MLDL2k-Manager, Angel!
Seems to be a really useful tool, even providing a disassembler, among many other benefits.

Yes I use its disassembler all the time, it´s peerless to compile ROM modules. BTW the System DEMO ROM is making progres... to be continued.