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Full Version: [WP34S] WP34S firmware on the AT91SAM7L-STK dev kit?
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Would it be possible to run the WP34S firmware on the AT91SAM7L-STK development kit?

I borrowed one to give it a try, and uploaded calc_xtal_full.bin to the dev kit. To my surprise, the firmware booted fine on the board, and started to display some common strings ("NULL", etc).

I've tried to short a few IO pins, to emulate a keyboard, more text came to the LCD display; so I was wondering if one had tried the WP34S firmware on this board? And if one had a diagram of the WP34S internal wiring so I could try to interface a WP34S LCD and keyboard to it; the interest would be purely research; but what is interesting to note is that this board, if capable of running the WP34S firmware, would be a good candidate to expand the capabilities of this calculator, due to the presence of several IO pins, serial console, JTAG, and even ZIGBEE interface.

Finally, the board is powered with AAA batteries, so it could even find its place in some embedded applications.

AT91SAM7L-STK user's guide: http://www.atmel.com/Images/doc6414.pdf

Any thoughts?

Possible? Almost certainly. Without effort? No.

The 20b schematics are in the development kit HP released.

Good luck :-)

- Pauli