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Full Version: Is There A 39gII Applet or Program yet which does RPN?
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I was just wondering from the 39gII user community whether anyone has yet attempted to fashion a program or applet which would simulate run-mode RPN on that machine. It seems like it would be a fun project.


I support Jake's suggestion. To me, HP calculators must have RPN.


hpnut in Malaysia

Be aware that an advanced calculator manipuling vectors, matrix, list, local variable as well as private subroutine, symbolic expression is closer to an RPL calculator than an RPN one ! :-)

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I will have to look at my notes, but I think I have done an RPN program for the 39G once.

Long time ago, I wrote in Turbo Pascal an interpreted RPN language wich was a mixt of RPL and Forth

With the powerfull embeded language of the 39gII it is possible to write this. But i see some big limitations about :

- Interactive usage and displaying stack
- Energy cnosumption in this interactive usage
- 39gII language don't allow to use "paramaters per variable" nor pointer
- I don't find such thing as the VTYPE command in the 39gII

If I have some time I will try what it can be do ....

I wrote a program for the 39gs that supports basic RPN. About the level of an HP35 or perhaps an HP45.

Don't know that it would work on a 39gII though. If I ever pick up a 39gII I will convert it to that platform.


Hello Maruan,

There is no 39gII app for RPN. The closest I can think of (and I have been using that machine a lot recently) is a series of function(s) that initialize the stack (in a column matrix that has 4 rows representing the stack) and then using other functions to execute math operations and evaluate functions. Each function would return the matrix that simulates the stack. This is a simple approach, but might actually works by using the Pascal-like programming language of the machine.