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Full Version: New 41 model to use rom of "big" program
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Use a BIG HP 41 such as go41cxt for android Tablet !

And use the new programmable keypad !

(the keypad use the wand rom to define its behavior, so any barcode can be used if you wish as the definition of the keypad is a text file, some shortcuts are given)


Ok, time to load this app through the Google Play store. :-)

Barcode exists for Ron Knapp's fast PI program and for Roger Hill's fast calendar printing program, but those bar code listings are in the physical PPC Journal issues which I have some place...

Edited: 2 Oct 2012, 12:21 p.m.

Oliver, are you supporting the camera to act as a wand? If not it sounds like a nice idea. ;)

No, actually the camera is not used at all.

But I'm thinking about an external app to take picture of a sheet of barcodes and transform them in a config '.wnd' file.

Btw the format of this file is quite easy 5 lines per barcode, 50 barcodes per file.

line 1: text displayed on the key
line 2: idx of barcode, not meaningful in the file (used internally), put here 65536 to be safe
line 3: type of barcode, also not meaningful, just put the real type of the code (0 to 9) or 4
line 4: len of the barcode in byte, it is used, so put the right value
line 5: xxyyxxyyxxyyxxyyxxyyxxyyxxyyxxyy 16 bytes in hex digits, right padded with 00

That's all, so it's easy to make such a file. But be careful, the checksum byte (or nibble) should be ok, otherwise the 41 will complain.


P.S. btw the nexus 7 tablet doesn't have a rear facing camera, so it is not possible on all tablet to include such a feature

Edited: 3 Oct 2012, 4:00 a.m.

Nice!!! Looks like a great reason alone to buy an Android tablet!