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Full Version: Idea for a 41C rom of "big" programs
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I think putting a couple of "big" programs inside a rom image would be helpful / useful thing to have. The programs I'm wondering about are...

1) Roger Hills 1300+ byte calendar printing program that won the contest between the TI-59 and the HP 41 to print a year as fast as possible. It's a huge program.

2) How about the best PI calculation program? It was huge too. It was in the PPC Calculator Journal V7N5P9 (June 1980).

I believe Bar Code are available for each. Be a nice thing to have in a .rom image someplace...

;-) ?

Neat idea. I volunteer to do it *if* you send me (legible) barcodes as source - pdf would only work if the resolution is good.

O better yet - much better in fact: RAW files from V41.


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First thought is the Rubic Cube solver consisting of two _big_ programs, at a certain stage the first part asked to load the second part from magnetic cards. (BTW, for me it was the only way to sort the Rubic Cube.)

An other one would be my h,X-program for water moisted air w/o need of the Mollier-h,X-Diagram like this one. (how is it called in English?). I may deliver barcodes of it.


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Mike I think I have good news for you:- The Rubik's Cube solver program (by Julian Perry, published on PPCCJ V9N2 - 1982) is included in the CHESS/RUBIK Module, available at you-know-where TOS.

The ROM version of course doesn't need to do all that trickery with the magnetic cards - runs through from beginning to end.

Very interested in the h-X program - if you send me the barcodes I'll slap it in a ROM pronto.


Edited: 2 Oct 2012, 7:58 a.m.

Went to the vault and dug out the program I had in mind:

"Thermodynamic Properties of Superheated and Saturated Steam"
UPLE #10341, by Michel LeMero.

It calculates all the parameters without a Molliere diagram (S-H), using the Keenan & Keyes polynomial approximations.

I enhanced the program back then (engineering school) adding the Unit Management System stuff so any units could be used for input and output. I have this version available in a ROM module BTW.


Ah, dont mix h-S and h,X diagram. With my program you cant design a boiler as it is only for water-moisted air in the range from -20 up to 80..100 deg. Centigrade.


Hi Angel,

I may be interested in this program as well. Do you know if it is available anywhere or will you be releasing the ROM you mention soon?

Many thanks,


For water/steam properties there is a useful one for the HP200LX here.

This program calculates the thermodynamic properties of water and steam based on IAPWS-IF97 formulations except for region 5 (above 800 deg-C).