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Full Version: HP41C repair ?
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I have been using a HP-41C (made in USA) continuously since 1979 until a couple of weeks ago during a trip to Australia (I am there until Monday Oct 1st, 2012) I dropped coffee on the calculator. Not having noticed it (the coffee had leaked under the keypad overlay and was not visible), I switched it on. In short, the calculator does not work, shows now gibbrish symbols across the display.

Could one let me know if the calculator is likely to be repairable. Needless to say, it has sentimental value on top of umpteen programs useful to me.

If none of this is available, what is in your opinion the best alternative ?



Vintage Calculator Repair (Bruce Larrabee's repair service): http://www.vintagecalculatorrepair.com/index.php

41 service manuals download: http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/ggNLGOEsfIq6x1QflsKHL4Jkp0oT%2F6V8

Fix That Calc (Randy's repair service) has been excellent, but I don't think he's taking any more business for now until he gets caught up. http://fixthatcalc.com/

If I were you I would remove the batteries and I would immerse the calculator in distilled water agitating it once in a while. I would leave it soaking for a while, change the water and repeat the operation a couple of times. Finally, I would shake the calculator trying to remove as much water as possible and I would let it dry for several days (you might want to use a fan/heater to speed up the process). This is what I would do, if you do it I am not responsible for damages, good luck.

I would be willing to repair/clean your unit. I have many (too much) spare parts if it leads to that. However, I agree with the last post in that you likely just need to clean critical contacts. I don't think sugar or cream is conductive!

Contact me via forum email link if interested.

Do exactly what Hal said. You could also disassemble it and while holding the keyboard under the distilled water, press all the keys several times to work the poop out. It'll dry faster disassembled too, but be careful to not overtightened the screws when you put it back together.