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Full Version: Help - 50G C programming
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A couple of years back, someone (name escapes me) produced a library of functions that provided an interface/wrapper/whatever between RPL objects and C code. So you could write a C program and have it call a function to read from the stack and call other functions to write results back to the stack, and so on.

Who was this, please? Is there a web page?

Thanks in advance - my Google-fu is letting me down.

I believe David Hayden presented something like this at HHC a year or two back...


It was in fact David Hayden. You can find the YouTube videos of his presentation here:


and here:


Thanks both, David's was the name I was looking for.

Hi Bruce, feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or comments about the library. Note that it currently only runs with HPGCC 2. If there's interest, I'll port it to HPGCC3.