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Full Version: HHC 2012 programming contests coming soon (RPN and RPL)
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Watch this space! Plan to put them out early Saturday CDT.

Great, looking forward to this. I should get a few hours on Sunday to fiddle around.

Still waiting for last year's prize :-(

- Pauli

Fail! THat is totally my fault!

Email coming your way!

HHC 2012 programming contests coming soon (RPN and RPL)

RPN and RPL but no HP-71B BASIC contest ?

That's RP*-chauvinism ! Shameful ! ... XD

Best regards from V.

The 71b challenge is to write a programmable RPN or RPL calculator interpreter and to then use that to solve the challenge.

Shouldn't take more than about six lines of code to do this :-)

- Pauli

And, conversely, the RPN challenge is to write a Basic interpreter in RPN.

Should be no problem on the 33s or the 35s

Too easy for Valentin - give him five! :-)

there was an HP-41 program to do exactly that - came on a tape and was really fun to watch (and use). I should dig it out from the vault.

I don't have an HP-41 but I would love to see the source code to this if it is around.

We have to give everyone else a chance too....

- Pauli