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Full Version: Update of Emu71/Win to v1.02
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I just updated Emu71/Win to v1.02 available at http://hp.giesselink.com.

I decided to publish my HP71B KML scripts now with Franz Huber's keyboard mapping files for US, UK and German keyboard mapping. Many TNX to Franz. In difference to before there's no batch file to select the keyboard mapping file any more. The updated KEYB71B.KMI file now contain a switcher using the new KML "Locale" command for including KML blocks dependent on the current keyboard input locale. The old KEYB71B.KMI keyboard mapping isn't supported any more.

Sorry, the syntax of the "Locale" command isn't documented so far. The argument of the Locale command is a decimal number representing a keyboard locale. A Null value for the primary or secondary locale ID part is like a wildcard. Only the first matching locale block content will be included, following matching locales are skipped. The "Locale" command will not be limited to Emu71/Win only, all beta versions of my other emulators contain the "Locale" command already but I cannot make any publishing dates for them so far.

Check the Emu71 CHANGES.TXT file for the other changes please.


Thanks for the updates and thanks for Franz for contributing too!

I looooooooooooove your emulator!


When I read along the CHANGES.TXT there is not too much for me in there, but I understand what kind of work it is to set up such an emulator/simulator. BTW, I assume the bugfix in function findndevice() was _not_ triggert by my hint. :)


Actually, the (minor) bug in findndevice() comes from my HP-IL code in Emu71/DOS.

The fix from Christoph is absolutely right!

Thanks, Mike and Christoph!

I looooooooooooove your emulator!

Yes, I love all of Christoph's EmuXX too! :-)

I saw that Christoph didn't include my special KML-version 'HP-71B Super-Keyboard' which allows to directly click on all labels/functions on top of the keys, so here's this file if anyone is interested:



Yes, Christoph told me so. But I hope it was not me why he fixed it now.