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Full Version: Mathematical formulas
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I have with pleasure used your calculators and computers for 35 years. All mathematical formulas for the HP 17BII (Business) I have been unsuccessful to obtain. Some are in the HP 17BII manual and some about TVM and interest are on the web, but far from all. F.ex. the formula for IRR and many others are missing. Please inform me if you have any site where all formulas can be found.

Kind regards,
Tomas Anderson


maybe I'm wrong, but it seems you wanted to address your post to Hewlett-Packard Company itself. In fact, this Museum and particularly this Forum are exclusively private initiative.

Anyway, about the formulas: I know the IRR and about all related financial formulas used in Hewlett-Packard calculators can be found at the HP12C's "Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide", Appendix D, titled "Formulas Used". This manual also refers to other specific publications in particular cases, like Standard Securities Calculation Methods as a reference for Bond calculations.

Hope it helps. But if you still need the formulas, feel free contacting me so I can send you more info.

Best regards.

I do not know exactly what HP uses, but I have a functional set derived using the 28S algebraic equation solver, if you are interested.

E-mail me if you want me to send them.

Hi Math,

Many thanks for your response. I would very much like to receive the set of 28S algebraic equation solver.