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Full Version: Any informal HHC2012 time set aside for WP34S???
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Should I bring some HP-30b units for conversion into latest WP34S firmware?


Sure, I'll bring a laptop and will be flashing them.



Will you by chance, be bringing any of the "blue key slant" overlays you made back in Feb? Here's the link. If so, I'd buy at least two, possibly three. If not, will you be doing any future runs? I think these overlays look great (and intuitive). FWIW, I wrote to your hpcalc.org address a few weeks ago asking if you had any available, but maybe it didn't arrive (thus the reason for writing this message :-) In any case, see you in a couple weeks in TN.

Edited: 7 Sept 2012, 8:43 a.m.

Thanks Eric! I will bring a few HP-30b calculators with me. I will need to buy some keyboard overlays from you. So please bring some with you!



I want to update mine. I am so behind regarding the WP 34S.

Eric, I could use 2 keyboard overlays also. I'm running a very old version of the 34s.

After all, there are only two official keyboard versions: one valid for v2.2 and all previous editions running on the calculator HW, and the other one from v3.0 on. See p.145 of the manual for minor variations of those two.

I got your message but haven't responded yet because although I think I have some left, I haven't found them yet. I'm so far behind on so much right now I don't have much time for special-order stuff, either. If I find them I'll bring them, but no guarantees. So basically I am ignoring emails to throttle orders until I get caught up.


Understandable and understood Eric. I know all about time being one of, if not my most precious commodity, so don't give it another thought. If they turn up.. bonus! If not, I won't miss what I never had. Take care of yourself Eric (we need you :-)