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29 Scientist

I think even *watching* the crowd would have been beyond amazing.

The group is awesome. As a chemistry-lover I think Marie Curie was very special. In a "romantic" way, we are the intellectual inheritors of these scientists. I feel often challenged to think outside the box and push the limits, even to small extents! If you want to see what I mean, come to HHC2012!!


A very elite group. Most of my physics books have this picture. As intelligent as this group is the photographer still couldn't get everyone to look at the camera. Lol...... I can hear it now "everyone! look here please! hold it.....hold it.....snap.....you in the top row! oh well i'm out of film....thankyou everyone we're done here."

There is Auguste Piccard in the upper left .... He was a great scientist who love science "in situ". I think he would have embarked on Curiosity

When Auguste Piccard landed with his balloon on a glacier, journalists gave him notice that it was very dangerous to venture into the stratosphere without mountaineering equipment! Piccard replied that if so he also would have take a tuxedo in the case he would have landed on the Palais des Festivals in Venice

Auguste Piccard

Entretien radio

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This is a beautiful picture. A job well done by mygrapefruit. Marie Curie blazed a trail for women in science. Glad to see Einstein!

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Meh... Those red and pink ties in 1927? Maybe Pauli (not in the picture) and Schrödinger would wear that, but Heisenberg...

Agreed. Not so much colorized, as "changed to sepia with a splash of color on ties and hat bands".