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Full Version: 15c French manual?
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Anyone know if this was ever translated? If so, anyone have it somewhere?

[edit] Thank you to those who send me both guides. Much appreciated!


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A translation project looks as an easy holiday assignment for Cyrille...


The French manual is on the museum DVD :-)


If you need the plan text, once you have the pages already digitized it would be faster to apply an OCR and generate them, considering that the scanned pages are of reasonable good quality.


Luiz (Brazil)

Don't anyone get excited. :-) I just had someone ask me for it should I be able to find a copy.

I can't find my DVD I got at a previous HHC. Can anyone private message me and post it (or email should the size be small enough) somewhere so I can grab it? Thanks.


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It's 27MB and I'm off home :-/

Just recommend to that "someone" to buy the DVD instead of illegally copying it ;-)

Just recommend to that "someone" to buy the DVD instead of illegally copying it ;-)

Since Tim Works at HP in the Calculator division, I think all legal issues are sorted.

Buying the DVD is just matter to be kind with the one making the DVD.

If it is a request for someone having bought an HP15C LE, it is complicated to answer to buy a DVD.


Hmmh, at the very center of all HP calculator activities, all manuals in all languages should be (and certainly are) available. Even in the unlikely case that any of the documents covered on the DVD is found missing on HP's internal servers it's a no-brainer for HP to get the museum DVD. And HP is fully entitled to copy any such document and provide it for anybody, whoever they feel appropriate. So - where's the problem?

Tim is not HP. He has stated numerous times that he is posting here as a private individual.

But maybe it's just me being a little cranky about not hearing anything concerning a 15c LE bug fix from HP... :-(

Bonjour Tim,

Vous avez du courrier électronique.