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Full Version: Make PIL-Box ILPer program run on OS X
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Yesterday, I succeeded with connecting my PIL-Box to my MacBook, and running ILPer under OS X. Refer to this article to see how I did it.

Edited: 2 Sept 2012, 5:06 p.m.

Nice! From the article it seems that you are running under Windows still? The picture looks more native Mac, but it is a bit small to see how it actually looks, less feels. How does it interact with the Mac environment?

If this is still Windows, what would it take to make it run native under Mac OS/X?

No, ILPer runs on OS X with the help of CrossOver (the commercial variant of Wine). Here you can see a higher resolution picture. CrossOver/Wine reimplements the Windows API on OS X or Linux, it's NOT a virtual machine running Windows.

The amazing thing in my opinion is that the serial communication over USB with the PIL-Box works fine. It needs some preparations but if you're not scared of entering some shell commands it's no big deal.

i received my PIL-box from jean-françois this evening, connected the HP-IL cables, went through your instructions and ran one of my HP 71 programs...

IT WORKS! unbelievable!

thank you very much!


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Great to hear it worked for you, too! For all German speaking people here is the article in my native language.

well, in the meantime i managed to create a mess by trying to run ilper 1.42. i reinstalled 1.35, the drivers etc. but when i try to start ilper i get an error: COM port not available.


best regards,

false alarm, all systems up and running. sorry for panicking!