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Full Version: HP 48SX equation library card transfer
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Hi all,

Does anybody know where I could find a dump of the 48SX equation library card, for use in go48sx Android emulator ?

49g/50g equation libraries are distributed freely all over the place, but it seems that nobody cares about using the SX in emulation. But the SX is dear to me, it was my first HP, I like it a lot better than the GX (more charm !). I still have it, I own the equation library card as well, but I have no idea about how to transfer the card data to something useful for an emulator, and I don't think I want to know :) I don't even have a PC with a serial port anymore...

I thought that maybe somebody has it in the forms of useable libs somewhere ? or know how to extract it from a GX emulator as the lib is built-in ?

Thanks and cheers,


Vincent I can't help you now, but maybe you can help me: do you know if the SX library cards are suitable for the GX too?
Thanks and cheers

In the case of the equation library there is no interest for the GX as most of it is built_in in ROM and the rest (Periodic Table & Tetris) are available as separate programs.

For ohter cards, I think they -should- work although I have not tried myself.

I also think that the 41CV Emulator card does not work for the GX.