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Full Version: HP35s "MEMORY CLEAR" flashes
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Hi all - a friend came by my office today with an HP35s that had the words "MEMORY CLEAR" and a triangular icon in the upper right-hand corner with an exclamation point in it. Both are flashing.

She says this state was caused after she made a mistake and hit some good old regular keys on the calc inadvertently.

We removed both coin cells, tried the reset port on the back with batts in and out, did a memory clear (C+R/S+[i]), shook the thing a few times -- all to no avail. (We're checking the batteries next -- though they're fairly new.)

Any ideas?

(If you just want to lambaste the 35s, feel free. I won't mind.)


Hi, it could be a low battery problem. Try new ones and ensure they are correctly inserted, with the +ve side of both cells visible.