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Full Version: OT--Palm & Sharp Wizard need tech care
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Hello all.

Does anyone here provide maintenance on Sharp and/or Palm devices. I have recently acquired a Palm IIIxe and Sharp Wizard YO-380. So, can anyone here restore these to their old selves?

Maybe the PalmMuseum.com and SharpMusreum.com web sites can help?



Just checked. No such websites. But, thanks for the humour.

We're afraid hpmuseum.org cannot solve all of your probl... ummh ... challenges.

I am glad that you are a sport and have a good sense of humor.




Following might be of help for the palm (discovered by doing google search "Palm IIIxe repair"):

ifixix palm IIIxe

Many youtube Videos of PalmRepairs such as:

Digitizer Repair

and a site that does pda repairs:

Palm Repair Service


Edited: 28 Aug 2012, 1:20 p.m.

With those old Palms, you'll typically have one of two issues:

1. Loose display ribbon cable

2. Worn out digitizer (touch screen)

The first problem can be solved by opening it up and reseating the cables. The second will generally require a replacement screen assembly, though given the age and relatively low prices of replacement units, it may make more sense to replace it outright, and keep the dead unit for any usable spare parts it might contain.

Thanks Bill. I'll check 'im out.

Well, a friend of mine has kept in the loop as I'd post my HP collection updates on Facebook and chimed in that he has an old IIIxe and YO-380 that he'd gladly add to my cottage museum. So, I replied that I'd give them some TLC. So, as I admit them to a tech hospital, I'm certain the techies could discern what has been ailing these techno marvels.

Edited: 28 Aug 2012, 11:55 p.m.

I wander what his next OT will be about - cooking recipes?