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Full Version: Ranking HP 17BII, HP 17B, HP 12C against one another?
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At little or no expense I have acquired three HP-12Cs and one each of HP-17B and -17BII. I plan to give them to some mathematically bright 14-year-olds who show some inclination towards financial mathematics.

I was given a 14C some time ago, but have made limited use of its TMV features. I am not particularly interested in exploring the TMV features of the other two calculators.

Leaving RPN aside, how would you rank those three calculators against one another for the purpose described?

Edited: 24 Aug 2012, 2:29 a.m.

14C?? Even HP hasn't heard of that one.

Edited to reflect 12C. Not that that helps, apparently: zero responses to my question so far.

Hi, Peter

If it is capability you care for, the ranking is easy: 17BII (algebraic and RPN), 17B (algebraic only), 12C (RPN only, but has an algebraic/RPN version - the Platinum). If we allow more subjective tastes to enter into the equation (e.g. menus vs direct key operation only, or stylish vs plain), then the position of the 12C becomes non-determinable, as the free market keeps showing us.

The 17B solver is great, and the 12C should have it.


A recent discussion of the 17BII vs. the 12C here.

Peter, you should ask yourself, "what would a mathematically bright 14-year-old do with a 12c, 17b, or 17bii?" My guess: sell it and use the money to buy an iPhone with a financial app. A 14-year-old is still a 14-year-old.

That's a possible response, and perhaps the best. I'll find out.

Mark, thanks for the link to that discussion, which is just what I was hoping for -- in arrears.