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Full Version: HP50G Max SDcard Storage space??
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Hi all,
Just a quick question.
Recently acquired a HP50G in splendid condition.
I've also purchased for it an SD Flash card (2GB)
When checking the card in my PC, it DOES show 2GB for available storage

After allowing the calculator to format the card, what should the full available space be?
- The calculator is reporting only 800ish MB (Which is of course huge), but nowhere near what i thought it should be .. 2GB?
I've reformatted in the PC again.. still showing 2GB, back to the 50G - 800-ish MB
Can someone please advise?
Many thanks

Are you looking at the size in the "files" menu? If so it appears that it only shows 6 digit of size and drops the leading 1. If you go to the test menu (ON & F4) select option 9 for card and 2 for format you should see the actual size, mine reports 1938MB but when I go back to the files menu I see 931856KB which leads me to suspect that only 6 digits are allocated to display size and the leading 1 is dropped.

hmmmm Interesting...
After following your instructions, The calc was reporting it was going to format 1882MB? - However at the bottom of the screen is says:
"Format Fail
Press Enter to Exit"

I'm also trying the 'test' option.. How long should it say "Card testing....." for?

Any thoughts?

Edited: 21 Aug 2012, 1:24 p.m.

I took the card out & re-formatted it in the PC
Putting back in the calc & running the test again, it reported back.. "Test OK"...

Are there any known issues with the Calc being able to format flash cards? I have a Kingston one installed.

My2GB card fails to format in my 50G as well, both in the diagnostics and from the files menu, I suppose it could be a code bug in the format routine. I have not attempted to fill to card to see if it would actually work. I just tried a 1GB card and it formats fine.
I don't normally have a big card in my 50G just a 16MB one.

Edited: 21 Aug 2012, 4:21 p.m.

I was already planning to ask you just that question...Have you tried filling it? I have a 2GB, will not format in 50G, but after formatting in PC works fine. FILES shows 883730 kb, ON/F4 shows 1898 MB, and it will not format. Haven't tried filling it up here either.

Strange... As I have a 2 Gig card also and I am able to format it on my 50g... I do have the display bug in FILES tough...

What version of ROM do you have installed? On mine 'VERSION' reports "VERSION HP50-C
Revision #21.5"
I am able to format a 1GB card but not a 2GB.


The largest size that the 50g can format is 1GB. It can use up to 2GB (that is that limit where SDHC starts - the 50g cannot use SDHC cards). Cards above 1GB can only be formatted on a computer. The best format to use is FAT-16 (the "FAT" option on most PCs).

There is not enough space in the filer to report all the digits, so the 1 in front is missing. However, it can still use all the space.

My bad... I have the same version as you. It was my 256 MB card in the calc at that moment. My 2 Gb card cannot be formatted... sorry :(