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Full Version: HP48 Cogo Card - Worth Anything?
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Hi all,

I just picked up a nice little HP48GX on Craigslist and was surprised to find a TDS Cogo Card installed. Just wondering if such an item is worth anything. See a bunch of these with crazy prices out on TAS, but not sure if there really is a market.


I strongly doubt there is any interest in them, I have also seen those ridiculous prices - unless as a collector's item practically they are worth nothing. Just about every surveying instrument today has on-board software covering everything these cards do and heaps more. If not for nostalgic reasons I'd have sold my pristine last series HP48GX with 2 Klotz RAM cards, cables and the printer (still with the 2 original boxes thermo paper).

I guarantee it will sell if you start @ $0.99

Well, I was able to get $50 for the card on TAS. $80-50=$30. Not bad for a pristine 48GX methinks!

Sounds reasonable, lucky you.