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Full Version: A non 20b/30b 34S
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Hello all.

Now that HP's discontinued the 20b & 30b, how can a 34S be made?


Edited: 18 Aug 2012, 7:02 p.m.

Long live the WP34S emulator!!!!!!!!!!


Well, does that mean a physical 34S is on its way out?

it has now becoming another collector item, just like all the end of production hp calcs ;)

The 30b has been discontinued? You sure? It still appears as for sale on HP's web site, though I realize that may not mean much. It would be a shame. It's a nice calculator even apart from the 34S repurposing and I had hoped it was a precursor to more good stuff from HP.

Plenty of them for sale everywhere, whoever needs one or more, it's time to stock a few rather than asking silly questions. Cheers

Not certain how (or why) HP's website's been acting so inconsistently but, when I went there an hour ago, neither the 20b nor 30b showed up.

Addendum: I'm looking at the site currently and here's the lineup: 10s, 10bII+, CalcPad 200, 33s, 35s, 12c, 12c Platinum, 17bII+ and 50g

Edited: 18 Aug 2012, 11:02 p.m.

Office Depot still carries the 12c platinum, 10bii+, and 30b. The 12c gold and 50g seem to disappeared from the shelf.

Also, I no longer see HP calcs at Fry's. Not sure if they are out of stock or forever removed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), that doesn't prove anything. The e-commerce portion of HP's web site is a disaster, with unavailable products showing up and available products disappearing all the time, completely uncorrelated with the actual production status.

I don't have any inside information, but I very strongly doubt that either the 20b or 30b are discontinued.

There is non-HP calculator hardware in the works that could support WP-34S or similar third-party firmware.

In fact, just now on the HP site, I was able to find the 20b and 30b just fine under "Products for business".

I'm not going to post a URL because they seem to go stale nearly instantaneously, which is yet another sign of completely inept web design; product pages (and in fact almost all web pages) should have persistent URLs. Maybe someday HP will hire competent web developers.

The Fry's near me still keeps a 50g on display.

Will I be able to redeem my coupon that I won in a past HHC conference for a special calculator like that?


Now that HP's discontinued the 20b & 30b, how can a 34S be made?

Part one of your statement is incorrect. As Eric posted earlier, HP's website is a total mess. Seems they're not selling much over it, else it would have got the management's attention at least once. Don't you worry - be happy :-)

Will I be able to redeem my coupon that I won in a past HHC conference for a special calculator like that?

The correct question is: "When will I ...?" SCNR ;-)

I never got my prize for the non-attending programming challenge....

I want a DIY RPN-5 when it is ready :-)

- Pauli

Just picked up two (2) HP30b's on TAS for $20 (+$5 shipping) for both. I imagine you'll see more of them appear for sale as they filter out into the used calculator market.

Someone is trying to sell a Wp34s on TAS.


May I please ask what prompted you to create this thread?

When I first read the opening clause (and before there were any replies), it sounded like a statement of fact. I began looking for an announcement both here and in web searches. When I couldn't find any news on the topic, I came to the conclusion that you likely posted based on missing 20B/30B content at the shopping.hp website (as others now appear to have also concluded concerning your sentence).

If my conclusion is wrong (I'm often wrong ;-), and you have heard of an official announcement, please direct us to it. I for one, would really like to see it. Thanks.

May I please ask what prompted you to create this thread?

I guess the same reason that prompts him to create over 30% of all threads here. Lacking attention, logorrhea?

Thanks to all for clarification on the shenanigans of HP's website. I didn't realise that HP's own website was such a disaster.

Thanks again.

Understandable since you'd certainly think it would better reflect what they're actually selling. I discovered otherwise after the 15C LE I ordered and which appeared to be in-stock took three months to arrive. It's really puzzling why their e-commerce sites are in such disarray. (OTHO, credit to them for making a new 15C in the first place and they did email me after several weeks to let me know and give me the option of cancelling.)